Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Czech Republic and now Turkey. Returning All the tests China sent — Only, like, 33% accurat

Raven King, not trusting China, China is ASSHOLE

Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Czech Republic (I think, it was in that region), and now Turkey. All say the tests China sent were only, like, 33% accurate.

Once is a mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three… no, five times is enemy action.

The Turkish government has cast aside a sample of Chinese-made coronavirus rapid testing kits after finding out that they gave inaccurate results, a Turkish official confirmed to Middle East Eye on Friday.

“We have received some samples from the company,” the official said. “We didn’t find them viable and ordered some other testing kit models from a separate Chinese company.”
The official did not say how many kits were concerned, while noting that they hadn’t yet been used with the wider public.
The news comes as Spain revealed on Thursday that it had withdrawn 9,000 Chinese-made kits after realising that they had only 30 percent accuracy. A Czech media outlet also reported that up to 80 percent of the 150,000 portable quick tests that China delivered to the republic earlier this month were faulty.

Spanish officials told the media that the testing kits were also manufactured by the same company that had supplied the Turkish government.


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