Chicken hating city fines grandma… $5,600 over her birds; She sues City Hall

The following video was produced by The Institute For Justice to explain the class action lawsuit filed against Indio and Coachella.


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Ramona Morales, 79, had no idea a few chickens could be so expensive. She also didn’t know that prosecutions could be so profitable.

Three years ago, on a neighborhood street in central Indio, a city code enforcement officer spotted a few clucking birds inside a coop in the backyard of a small house. The chickens were a violation of a city ordinance, so the officer sent a written warning to Morales, who owned the house and rented it out.

At the time, Morales thought the warning was just a slap on the wrist for a small problem. This kind of minor headache is commonplace in the unpredictable life of a landlord.

She told her tenant to get rid of the chickens. She thought that was the end of it. It wasn’t.

“She didn’t know this little dispute about a couple of chickens would turn into nearly a $6,000 bill,” said Jeffrey Redfern, Morales attorney. “But it’s because these guys are making money off of her and everybody else.”


6 thoughts on “Chicken hating city fines grandma… $5,600 over her birds; She sues City Hall”

  1. Pathetic, the fines from the code enforcement are supposed to pay for enforcing the codes. not every case needs to go to court. Even the ones that do, the fines and all are still supposed to be part and par-shell of the code office. not a money maker per say. To many areas of our government have turned into nothing more than revenue generators, something our taxes are supposed to be paying for. perhaps, if our money was spent upon what it is supposed to be spent upon, instead of new ways to bring in more green backs perhaps?


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