Child Groomers Thrive on Discord and Twitter

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by Chris Black

A heroic mother stopped her suicidal, depressed 13-year-old daughter from being groomed into transgenderism (41% fatality rate by suicide) by pedophiles on Discord, who were also trying to convince her to take drugs and sell nudes to older men. 

This is some real sick shit.

Self-proclaimed “LGBT activists” (groomers) on Twitter are seething, angrily posting screenshots of the mother’s article while conveniently omitting the fact that literal pedophiles were grooming her daughter.

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When they say things like “just let kids be who they want to be” or “the biggest problem in the world is parents thinking they own children” what they mean is “let us groom your kids.” 

These people are predators. They hate parents because parents protect kids from creeps like them.

Groomers frequently prey on children who they think “show signs of transgenderism” or gender confusion. 

They call these kids “eggs,” so watch out for that term.


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