Right Wingers in America Getting Redpilled en Masse on Trannies and Great Replacement Theory

by Chris Black

57% of Republican men under 50 believe that “transgender people are a threat to children.” 

Interestingly, the proportion of women who agree with this statement is consistent across political lines: 27% and 29% for D and R, respectively.

Data from this recent SPLC poll: 


Another interesting stat: 61-71% (varying by age/sex) of Republicans agree that The Great Replacement is “not a natural change” and that is motivated by Leftists trying to replace “White voters.”

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 Better late than never, I guess…

This bloated technocracy is disgustingly invasive, and it’s only going to get worse as the “fourth industrial revolution” progresses. 

The entire West is being steadily CCP-ified.

On a related note: I think we have an out-dated view of “the state” today, in that most people think “the state” is just the government, when it actually consists of the government, the sprawling network of NGOs, the “global governance” organizations, the “private” megacorporations that control all media / resources / etc., the big investment banks and asset managers, and so on.

 In terms of power hierarchy, it seems like the government is near the bottom of the pile.


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