China And India Demand $100 Billion A Year Or They “burn the Planet” With AGW

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by Natura Naturans

China and India demanded rich countries provide financial support for them to increase their climate plans, as leaders prepared to meet at a UN summit in New York.

The summit has been personally convened by UN secretary general António Guterres as a moment for political leaders to show their willingness to increase their climate plans and deepen the decarbonisation of their economies.

Guterres asked governments to come ready to announce the plans they will set next year.

But in separate statements published on Tuesday, the world’s first and fourth largest emitters put the onus on rich countries to fulfil their commitments to mobilise $100 billion per year by 2020 for developing countries to cope with the impacts of climate change.

As the largest developing country, China “also enjoys the right to receive funds”, it in a statement published by the ministry of ecology and environment.

It said developed countries should “implement and strengthen” and “honour the commitment” to “support the developing world in addressing climate change”.


Sounds like a shakedown racket to me. I know the Industrialized nations won’t go for such blackmail.

Global warming AKA climate change is a protection racket run by the UN. The thread title is the truth, they are shaking down the world for carbon tax money so they can control energy and create a totalitarian world government. Already those countries and states that installed wind and solar power are costing ratepayers BILLIONS. California is an example, electricity rates there a third more than the rest of the states due to useless wind and solar:

“California continues to lead the nation in mandating the deployment of wind and solar power. Unfortunately, that translates into rising electricity costs that are now poised to climb higher. It’s a development that should concern families in every state.

Since 2011, electricity prices in California have jumped 30 percent – the most expensive in the western United States. And there’s no sign that this steady increase will ease.

While California’s renewable energy targets are particularly aggressive, they’re not the outlier one might imagine. Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have renewable energy mandates for ever-increasing amounts of wind and solar power. These mandates tend to be expensive.

A recent analysis from the University of Chicago found that mandates drive up electricity prices. After seven years, consumers in these states paid $125 billion more for electricity than they otherwise would.…-increase/

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?…6918cf1dc6

German electricity rates are triple what America’s is, and that is due to go to quadruple in 2020 as rates go to 40 Euro cents per KWH. THAT is what happens when you install a trillion Euros worth of wind and solar.…watt-hour/

Here is a chart in Australian currency showing the highest electric rates in the world are all those with the most wind and solar.

[Image: sa-highest-power-costs-table.png?w=460&h=659]…taggering/



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