China and Japan DUMP U.S. Debt As Stock Market Falls Rapidly! Fed Rate Hike Drops Stocks!

What do you think China and Japan are doing by selling off the U.S. debt? Is this part of the CURRENCY WAR? Or simply that they need the cash?

The U.S. stock market was pummeled and it only seems to spread to other markets. Crude oil fell below $50 a barrel and major institutions have fallen to their lowest levels in years. With the Fed meeting just around the corner, this would be an opportunity for them to hold off on increasing interest rates, possibly instantly pushing up the markets. Let’s see what has happened so far.


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Crude Oil Prices Today |

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U.S. banks quietly pull back from riskiest loans amid recession fears | Reuters

GS 168.01 -4.76 -2.76% : Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) – Yahoo Finance


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