China and Japan DUMPED EVEN MORE U.S. Debt! Is This the End of the U.S. Dollar?

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Do you think that China and Japan will buy more U.S. debt in the next few years? Or will they continue this slow and steady sell off?

The U.S. has been relying on a very simple system of issuing debt in virtually unlimited quantities. Due to the monopoly they have with the reserve currency of the world, they can simply consume at any imaginable rate, as long as there is a buyer for their debt. In the event that there isn’t a buyer, they can always use the lender of last resort. Their friends at the Fed will print money out of thin air and buy every every last piece of garbage IOU the U.S. needs them to. Problem solved.

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TSY holdings.jpg (890×590)
China holdings nov 2018.png (890×440)
japan holdings nov 2018.png (890×452)
france holdings nov 2018.png (890×455)
Ireland holdings oct 2018.png (890×451)
saudi holdings oct 2018.png (890×450)
2018-11-16 (4).png (890×535)
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