China Central Bank Just Injected RECORD Amount of Money Into Markets To Prevent COLLAPSE!

What does the fact that China just injected a RECORD amount of money into their markets tell you about the state of their economy and financial system right now?


The stock market is weak. Yes, I said it. $15 trillion printed since the financial crisis and record low interest rates for a decade and we still can’t get off the addiction. It’s supposed to be a temporary measure. It’s just for a little while they said. But here we are literally 10 years after the initial injection and China just put in a record amount of money into the system to prop it up. Does that sound healthy to you?


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

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China central bank injects record $51.6 billion in open market operations

China central bank injects record net $83 billion in open market operations | Reuters

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David Rosenberg on Twitter: “The NY Fed recently updated its recession-risk model – up to 21.4% in December, from 15.8% in November and 14.1% in October. The odds have doubled in the past year and haven’t been this high since August 2008.…

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