China Cover-Up Exposed: Wuhan Lab Confirms Site Held Three Live Bat Coronavirus Strains

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CHINA’S secretive Wuhan virus lab – at the centre of claims around the origin of COVID-19 – has admitted that it had been performing experiments on “three live bat coronaviruses” – sparking soeculation of a cover-up.

China has been accused of covering up the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, a claim that Beijing has repeatedly denied. However, the director of the secretive Wuhan Institute of Virology has finally spoken out and dropped a bombshell revelation. Speaking to Chinese state media, Wang Yanyi confirmed reports that the facility held three strains of coronavirus inside the laboratory.

However, she went on to say that none of the live bat coronaviruses matched that of COVID-19.

She rebuked claims made by US President Donald Trump that the virus had leaked out of the lab, insisting that was “pure fabrication”.

Despite this denial, Ms Wang did admit that the highest similarity to COVID-19 reached as high as nearly 80 percent.


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