China Goes GAGA For Coal Fired Power Plants

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by Natura Naturans

China is going GAGA for coal, planning 300-500 new plants: Greenies read it and weep, more coal plants than the US has in total. And China signed the climate agreement, but they have a loophole, the Chinese don’t have to limit CO2 unti 2030! So they can do what ever they want until then!

“The largest power producers in China have asked the government to allow for the development of between 300 and 500 new coal power plants by 2030 in a move that could single-handedly jeopardise global climate change targets.”

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Despite news China was cutting back on coal plants the satellites tell a different story:

Satellite images show ‘runaway’ expansion of coal power in China

Extra 259GW capacity from coal in pipeline despite Beijing’s restrictions on plants…r-in-china


“For production, China’s December coal output was 2.1% higher than it was in 2017, hitting the highest level in over three years. The country started up new mines last year and then ramped up production to meet high winter demand. Due to domestic gas supply shortages in recent years, China has been softening its stance to displace coal heating with natural gas.

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China approved nearly $6.7 billion worth of new coal mining projects in 2018, and production increased 5.2% to 3.55 billion tonnes.

For imports, now a much larger portion of the supply mix, coal imports in China were up 9% last year.”…fdbf7465fa



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