China had a million-strong spike in influenza in December

From article:

“According to the reports of the National Health Commission, the total incidence of infectious disease was 670,999 in November. This number leapt to more than 1.71 million in December. That is to say, December’s reported incidence of infectious disease is roughly a million cases over the previous month’s numbers and, please read this carefully, roughly a million cases over the monthly average across the previous three years.”

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“The question then is where did these million extra infections come from? When we examine the summaries of the National Health Commission’s reports more closely, the breakdown of diagnoses should signal alarm bells. Worryingly, out of the 1.71 million cases of infectious disease reported in December, an unprecedented 1.2 million were diagnosed as cases of influenza, a disease with an extremely similar pathology to COVID-19. Compare December’s 1.2 million cases to November’s: a mere 156,000. November’s low count is not unusual, and it is similar to the reported influenza numbers (which fluctuate between about 50,000–200,000 cases) across the previous three years.”

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