China Holds Contest to Build Flying ‘Iron Man’ Military Suit

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Around 100 teams from research institutes, universities, and companies across the country reportedly participated in the competition, where judges tested their suits’ “ability to carry heavyweight, mobility in rough terrain and artillery ammo loading.”

The suits are intended to be worn as a sort of “exoskeleton,” fitted with intelligence systems that can read the soldier’s intentions and synchronize with their movement. Their aim is also to give its users “extra kinetic energy” while also enhancing their “strength, speed and stamina” of users.

According to Chinese “military experts,” the competition will help enhance innovation and help engineers create an effective piece of equipment for “future warfare.”

One of these “experts” claimed the suits could be “connected to a network that allows information sharing and integrates with heavier individual weapons like automatic grenade launchers and light machine guns, giving individual soldiers strong firepower.”




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