China Injects Over 1 Trillion Yuan Into Markets! GDP Growth Slowest Since 1990!

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In a time where central banks said they would accelerate quantitative tightening, China decided to ramp up the printing presses. A massive decline in the stock market, a slowing of the real estate market, and the economy becoming sluggish has resulted in the government and central bank reacting. What do you think will do to keep this from falling to the floor?

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China’s central bank has injected over 1 trillion yuan into the financial system in order to boost the current declining state they’re experiencing. There have been incredible lengths that the Chinese have gone to in order to prop up their markets and to keep the economy going. This has come at a time in which we encountered a global concerted monetary tightening throughout 2018. What will 2019 bring?

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China 2018 GDP: China reports economic growth for fourth quarter, year

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Hong Kong Home Prices Enter Correction Territory, for Now – BNN Bloomberg

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