China is about to grab control of the fresh water source for almost HALF THE EARTH’S POPULATION

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China and Tibet have a longstanding argument about who really should own what. Most people assume China took Tibet “Just ’cause.” But Tibet is far more than a dusty plateau with a few yaks and monks.

Few people realize how many major Asian rivers have their sources in Tibet. Some of the bigger names include the Ganges, the Yangtse, the Mekong, and the Yellow Rivers, to name several of a dozen other large ones. In fact, THREE BILLION PEOPLE — CLOSE TO HALF OF HUMANITY, gets their fresh water from rivers with their ultimate sources on the Tibetan Plateau.

Meanwhile, in its mad dash to the heights of global capitalism, China has built about 87,000 dams in recent years for hydroelectric energy to power economic growth. It’s the biggest energy ramp-up in history: their new hydro plants generate more than the total energy output of Brazil, Canada, and the US combined.

But in the process they have now run out of rivers to dam…or to drink from and irrigate from, for that matter.

Less than one percent of Tibet’s massive river network is dammed. Look at China, look at Tibet, and do the math. Now take a guess at what happens next.

This is likely to result in a catastrophe for millions of Tibetans who will probably be displaced when (not if) China begins it’s water-grab on the Tibetan Plateau. Rumors have it that the Chinese may already be building massive Uigher-style concentration camps in Tibet.

The water grab will also give China a powerful geostrategic weapon in the form of a water chokehold against India and the many Asian nations that depend on Tibetan water for their very lives.

Imagine 3 billion people with no water unless China says they get the water.

Things are moving fast and getting ugly.

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Watch the vid, it will blow your mind.



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