China Is Detaining Christians In Secret Facilities Forcing Them To Renounce Their Faith Or Be Tortured: Report

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By Ryan Saavedra • Apr 5, 2021
The Chinese Communist Party is reportedly detaining
Christians in secret facilities and forcing them to
renounce their faith or face being tortured for months.

“A member of a Christian ‘house church’ in the southwestern
province of Sichuan who asked to be identified by a
pseudonym Li Yuese said he was held in a facility run by
the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s United Front
Work Department, working in tandem with the state security
police, for 10 months after a raid on his church in 2018,”
Radio Free Asia reported. “Another Christian who asked to
remain anonymous told RFA that similar facilities are being
used across China, not just for Protestants, but also for
members of the underground Catholic church, and of the
banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, a target of
authorities since 1999.”

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Radio Free Asia is a non-profit broadcasting corporation
funded through the U.S. Agency for Global Media, an
independent federal government agency.

The communists reportedly focus mostly on targeting “house
churches” that are not not members of the CCP-backed Three-
Self Patriotic Association, which teaches people a CCP-
approved version of Christianity because it views
Christianity as a national security threat.

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“It was a mobile facility, that could just set up in some
basement somewhere. It was staffed by people from several
different government departments,” Li said. “It had its own
(CCP) political and legal affairs committee working group,
and they mainly target Christians who are members of house


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