China Is Importing Record Amounts Of Agricultural Commodities, Pork, Cattle & Chicken

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Over the last month or so the US Department of Agriculture is getting more data about how much China is now importing from US farmers. Some of the orders are indeed a record:
1) China Books Record Weekly U.S. Beef Purchases, Also Buys U.S. Corn…
2) China buys 664,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans, biggest daily total in nearly seven weeks: USDA…

Before the pandemic and crazy weather the last 70 or so days in China including record rains and flooding not seen in almost 80 years, droughts in other regions of China, locusts and army worm, the CCP had already planned to accumulate massive amounts of energy, food and metals commodities for stockpiling as part of China’s next 5 year plan.



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