China is in meltdown! Prepare for blowback!

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This is typical of communist propaganda

China’s Wuhan city – the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, has carried out tests on 10.59 million people, almost 99 per cent of its population, and for the remaining others it would be completed by Tuesday, a ruling Communist Party of China official said on Monday.

So far 10.59 million people of about 11 million population have been tested, the city’s Party secretary Ma Guoqiang was quoted as saying by state-run People’s Daily.

As of afternoon on Monday, 1,499 confirmed patients in critical condition who were not admitted for treatment before February 8 have now been hospitalised, Ma said.

So they tested 10million in what? a few weeks? lets say the last 20 days

Thats 500,000 a day!

With what test kits?

I thought everyone was quarantined?

It is out of control I tell You and they are desperate to hide it

They were making 200 to 300 kits a day, and now they have tested 10,000,000?

the doctors in Wuhan reported 2 weeks ago the tests ran out at 10,000 and they quit testing people

h/t ET


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