China is Winning the Ukraine War

by Chris Black

The US deep state achieved its objectives in the first couple of months of the war:

-Nord Stream 2 destroyed.

-Germany-Russian business relationship terminated.

-NATO revived and expanded.

-Eurotards rearming.

But Zelensky won’t quit and this is a classic outcome or “blowback” of a proxy war – you can’t get rid of the proxy.

However, there is a caveat – the US is still exploding the dollar to achieve this – and it is going to mean the rapid decline of US influence. 

In fact the only winner in this is China.

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China gets:

1) Rerouted oil / gas at lower price

2) US, UK and Russia deplete their armories and manpower

3) They will likely help broker peace and get some sweet contracts for the Belt/Road

4) BRICS is furiously building alternatives to dollar trade

This war is such complete and utter idiocy on every single level imaginable.

Also of interest, and admitted to by the executives at the German chemical powerhouse BASF, is that in their own words they are only able to pay the generous employee obligations in their crippled and shutting down German location due to the booming conditions in their new Chinese BASF location.

Additionally of interest is that German auto exports to Kazakhstan have gone up many multiples and Russians and simply importing them from there.

So good job, NATO, very nice.


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