China Just Hanged the US Dollar

by Chris Black

This is the first step for Saudi Arabia to join the BRICS nations…it’s coming.

Thank you for playing.

The US taking over from Britain is almost an exact mirror of what has happened with China.

The British used the US as a raw resource outpost and then as a cheap industrial hub to produce goods for the British consumer. As American industry grew, so too did its world power. Meanwhile, Britannia was going broke trying to maintain their worldwide empire of economic vassal colonies.

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The parallels are stark.

One major conflict and the US is done.

This happened AFTER the currency shift in Britain during WWI.

This will happen AFTER the currency shift in the US too.

This is a big reason why the US fights proxy wars all over the world and stays out of direct conflict with its rivals, because the US will crumble as soon as it enters a full frontal conflict.



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