China making trillion dollar moves to attract financial institutions harmed by the economic fallout tells you everything you need to know. Always judge actions, not words, as they are trying to create dependence they will exploit in the decades to come.

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by kafkagoeswest

This Yahoo Finance article caught my eye:

In it, the author Lulu Yilun Chen (A Bloomberg news China reporter), starts with an interesting graph (below). In the less than a decade, China will have grown from less than 5 trillion dollars in asset management (2013), to 30 trillion… ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF HISTORICAL GROWTH. China has talked for years about wanting to strengthen their economic might, and as we’ve seen since the Mid 90s when American political institutions on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE have sold the American Middle Class to the Chinese Communist Party, fattening the top .1% in America (notice that “.”), at the expense of millions of our citizens. They have been escalating this in recent years, and love him or hate him, Trump is the first politician with real power to start fighting China. I’m not going into the politics of Trump, just the simple fact that he has been talking about our dependency on China as one of his top platforms. Now that we have Coronavirus, the Chinese numbers are obviously a lie (as Britain’s internal top gov’t officials have estimated it’s 15-40 times the actual reported numbers), your seeing the newest action in this endeavor to become the world’s most powerful entity.

China has been selling materials to countries in need. They’ve been acting like they beat this and have all this good information to exchange (Spain purchased millions of tests, 30% success rate, Poland has even worse numbers). The WHO has been propagating CCP talking points in their data releases, and even so boldly as ending a conversation with a reporter who asked about Taiwan’s membership. China has been at war with every non-communist nation on Earth, trying to amass power, and everyone in power ignores them because they’re getting nice and rich and fat off of them.

And here it is: now they’ve moved to become the financial backdrop to the backbone of capitalism: the banking institutions.

This has been their goal all along: use capitalism to destroy capitalism, and grow their nation’s power. They are self serving (as every strong nation should be), and the EU in tandem with neocon Globalists and Neo-liberals, have been intentionally complacent to the public, because they fully intend to sell the masses out so they can get fat and rich while China grows in power. China’s goal, and they are not shy to admit it, would be to be the country to rule the entire world. It sounds far fetched and like a terrible Bond villain plot, but they’ve said it, and have followed it up with actions. No, it won’t happen in 5 years, 20 years, but they know 100 years from now with these kinds of plays, it is conceivable.

Mainly because whenever someone talks about that plan, you get an eye roll, called some wild theorist, kook, or what have you. The fight our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be fighting is today. And it’s by stopping moves like allowing China to be the debt holders of financial institutions, government securities, and owning the technology infrastructure because all of these things create a dependence that they will eventually exploit. If you don’t think you would, you are a part of the problem and need to wake up.


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