China not letting US doctors in?

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So, I was going over the nih press briefing and the USA def called China out in that briefing.

So, if China was really concerned about this virus and it’s global implications, why would they not let in a superpower, with many, many resources to help with their problem and preventing a global crisis?

I know we have stressed relations, but if they really need help and they were worried about the world, they would be taking any help that is offered.

This speaks volumes to me on so many levels and it should be screaming the same to anyone that watched that briefing.

Made me def think, more concrete, on what angle this may be going.

I just wondered if anyone else picked up on that? Or am I just reading into it?

I don’t trust any of these people so I don’t know if this pandemic is going to get bad or it’s a whole lotta nothing for other agendas.



h/t Ohio chic


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