China Orders Video Apps to Censor ALL Content… Hong Kong to Criminalize Disrespect of National Anthem

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China orders short video apps to censor all content, including user comments, satire and sexual moaning

Chinese authorities have introduced detailed regulations covering the country’s thriving short video industry, singling out 100 categories of banned content, from smearing the image of Communist Party leaders to sexual moaning, in the latest ongoing effort to clean up its cyberspace that has more than 800 million users.

The China Netcasting Services Association, one of the largest internet associations in the country, released two sets of management rules on Wednesday for the short video industry to give clearer guidance for industry players, including Tencent Holdings, Kuaishou and Beijing ByteDance Technology, on what content needs to be censored and what does not.

The first rule states that all video content, including the title, introduction and viewer comments, need to be reviewed before broadcast. Further, all companies involved in the short video business also need to set up a content reviewing team with a strong political sense.

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Hong Kong to Criminalize Disrespect of National Anthem

Opposition groups worry legislation is another sign of tightened civil liberties in the semiautonomous city

HONG KONG—Government officials plan to propose a law that would make disrespecting China’s national anthem a crime, raising concern within opposition ranks that it would further narrow freedoms in the semiautonomous Chinese city.

The bill, which will be introduced in the city’s pro-Beijing legislature Jan. 23 for passage by the summer, is modeled on a similar law in mainland China. Aside from providing guidance on etiquette when the national anthem is played, it also stipulates that primary and high school children—including…


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