China SELLS More U.S. Debt! Now the Fed QE4 Will Buy Trillions!

The most important point here is that the Fed is trying to cover up what is the most serious problem in the financial system since the Crisis. It will be 2 years after a crash and they still wouldn’t admit one happened. Never believe what they’re saying. Only look at their actions (Though that’s difficult to do because we only see a small portion since there’s no oversight.) The system is barely keeping itself alive and I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shows you how weak it really is. What do you think?

China is slowly selling off their U.S. debt. A process which has continued to be an issue for years. But there is no reason to worry. The Fed has begun QE4 right on time to save the day. An excellent project guaranteed to devalue the currency. Nobody will notice though because all countries are doing the same thing. A race to the bottom and nobody wins.

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Fed Blames Sharks, Strong Dollar for Slow Cape Cod Tourism – BNN Bloomberg

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Repurchase Agreement Operational Details – FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK

Fed ‘repo’ plan could face fund manager resistance | Financial Times

ECB’s Holzmann Says Draghi’s QE Policy Is Counterproductive – Bloomberg



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