China So Desperate To Prevent Collapse They’ll PAY YOU To Buy A Car or Smartphone

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When you see stimulus packages, is that a sign of strength or weakness? I personally believe that the majority of people see it as strength. They say “look, the government is backing them up”. To me it shows failure. Some would say I’m being negative. I would argue I’m being realistic. What’s your opinion?


We’re told China’s economy beat expectations. We’re told growth has been over 6%. Once upon a time we were told that the tooth fairy brings us money too. We believe because we’re naive. Eventually we wise up. Well at least some of do. Let’s take a look at some of the real economic data, if you so choose.


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China Is Considering Stimulus Measures to Bolster Consumption – BNN Bloomberg

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china import growth.jpg (863×311)

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trade collapse .png (395×515)

Bulging Stockpiles to Weigh on U.S. Growth Throughout the Year – BNN Bloomberg

Global trade suffers biggest collapse since Great Recession

Baltic Exchange Dry Index | 2019 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

U-Turn in Trucking: Cass Truck Shipment Index Down 4th Consecutive Month – Mish Talk

Cass Freight Index Shipments March 2019.png (522×323)


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