China started the doom. Most restricted internet on Earth. Yet Chinese government workers somehow leaked it to Youtube

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via Shamrock00007:

First controversial video’s in history on YouTube that hasn’t been deleted in over a year…

Now, who recorded that? Some hospital worker recording it? Sure because they won’t end you in Communist China for recording shit. Notice all the “workers” ignoring the person standing there videotaping them…

Imagine that was a US hospital and one of the staff was standing there videotaping everyone, all their co-workers. Sure that’s normal!

How about this one… Another video from China that pushed panic because it was on US YouTube (Still up today).

Well, there they are boarding people up in their homes. Who’s making the video? The people getting boarded up? Trying to get it out to the world to save them??? Or the Police/Soldiers?

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So Government workers in China. That have the most locked down internet in the entire world, where almost every website/social media is blocked.

Apparently, they leaked these videos of Chinese Government workers committing crimes against humanity. Incriminating themselves by videotaping themselves and posting it from the locked down China internet and posting it on US YouTube. Which YouTube never deleted.

Let that sink in for a moment….

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