China switches to Flesh Burning Tear Gas to use against Hong Kongers

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Hong Kong Police Switch to Flesh-Burning Tear Gas Made in China

Police violence in Hong Kong drastically intensified this past weekend with a new type of hand-thrown, explosive tear gas canister being used against protesters, paramedics, and journalists. At least one person was hit and seriously wounded.

Toward the evening of Nov. 2, Hong Kong police threw tear gas canisters at volunteer paramedics and journalists when dispersing the crowd at Times Square, a shopping mall in Causeway Bay. A paramedic lost consciousness when one of the canisters exploded upon hitting his back, causing serious burns, City Broadcasting Channel (CBC), an independent media run by City University of Hong Kong, reported on Nov. 2.

Other paramedics and CBC journalists at the site immediately carried him away for emergency treatment. A large area of his back was severely burned and charred, and the skin peeled off.



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