China Threatens Air Strike on US Troops in Taiwan. 3 US / Allied Carriers in Position. CIA Redirects Intel Gathering from N Korea to China.

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Chinese State Newspaper Chief Says China Should Airstrike U.S. Forces in Taiwan

U.S Carries Out Airstrike in Afghanistan! China Didn’t Expect This! Bombardment with B-52s

The main purpose of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was to
strengthen its hand against China and Russia.

China Fires Back at Reports of U.S. Commandos in Taiwan

‘See whether the PLA will launch a targeted air strike to eliminate those U.S. invaders!’ the chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda outlet threatened on Thursday.

China has warned of a “cataclysmic upheaval” in bilateral relations if Australia continues to object to an escalation of military activity over Taiwan.

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The Global Times has said there would be no “diplomatic solution” if Australia were to challenge China’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

Chinese fighter jets have made unprecedented incursions into Taiwanese airspace since Sunday. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the Guardian: “Australia is concerned by China’s increased air incursions into Taiwan’s air defence zone.”

Air Force General: China is Preparing for High-End Fight with United States

US warns China: Taiwan threats could trigger major accidental conflict


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