China threatens Australia with boycott over calls for WuFlu inquiry

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Ambassador Cheng Jingye has done Australia a great service. He has taken off the mask.

China’s ambassador has shown us the true face of the Chinese government’s feeling for Australia.

The Chinese Communist Party for years has been working systematically to undermine Australia’s sovereignty. To “take over” our political system, in the words of Australia’s former national security adviser and ASIO chief, Duncan Lewis.

China lied about the existence of the virus, until they could no longer hide it.

Then, they lied about the transmissibility of the virus, until it became obvious that it was transmissible between humans.

Then, they lied about the severity of the problem, while squelching the flow of information to the outside world.

When people inside Wuhan released videos of the true horrible situation, they were murdered by the Chinese government.

China did everything in their power to downplay the virus, so as to maximize the damage the virus did to the rest of the world. Had China told the world the truth early on, we may have been able to contain the virus to China – or at least be better prepared to combat it.

China evidently did not want that. They had a “if we go down, we’re taking you with us” attitude.

That is why China needs to be destroyed.

They are guilty of waging biological warfare on the rest of the world.




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