China Trade War Is Here. Hot War on the Horizon

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In the space between what Winston Churchill called jaw-jaw that’s negotiation and war-war that’s war there’s the phony war. As the China war temperature drifts for cold war to hot, we get a dose of trade war posturing from the Trump administration and the Chinese.
And as we go trade war, it looks like Qualcomm, that US tech company that Team America was so eager to nurture as our national champion for 5G wireless technology, has got a China problem. A kinda big China problem.
We also look at John Bolton, the stapler-throwing maniac who replaced H.R. McMaster as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. Bolton wants to overthrow the North Korean, Iranian, and Chinese regimes and push Taiwan independence. Maybe even US hawks will have trouble choking down that plateful from the Bolton war buffet.
We also take a peek at the China oil futures exchange. Is it the gateway to the much anticipated petroyuan?
And China Watch addresses the most important issue when settling a fight on the schoolyard. Who started it? If we go to war, is it going to be big bad China’s fault? Or nasty old America? No, I’m not going to go with “both sides” mush. You’ll get your answer in the broadcast.

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