China – U.S. Trade Deal DELAYED as Economy Plummets Closer to Global Recession!

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Wow. U.S. China trade deal. That’s classic. That’s retro. It happened like last month. Might as well be from the 1700’s with the way things work today. Algorithms forget key information even before they have a chance to sell. Happened here. Stocks only go down temporarily. Not because things are good. Not because fundamentals have improved. Not because the economy is great. It’s because the currency is being devalued. It’s because of stock buybacks. But I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, does it? What’s your opinion?

Globally, we have encountered so many issues over the years. And certainly today is no different. The situation in China continues to unfold with new information coming out each day. Economically, we are watching a desperate need to keep everything moving and this has been active on all fronts. It doesn’t seem to be letting up and unfortunately, this cannot be resolved by printing more money or buying stocks through subsidiaries. It simply will not fix anything. That won’t stop them from doing so however. 


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Pier 1 files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection – Reuters

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U.S. firms in China report staff shortages, say coronavirus hitting global operations-AmCham – Agricultural Commodities – Reuters

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China’s home developer Evergrande offers 25% off amid virus outbreak – Global Times

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Japan’s Economy Shrinks 6.3% as Sales-Tax Increase Cools Consumption – WSJ

Japan’s Economy Shrinks 6.3% as Sales-Tax Increase Cools Consumption – WSJ

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