China warns of new floods as Three Gorges Dam under pressure: GDP may fall 0.2% in Q3 in the face of 45m evacuees and $17bn in damages.

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via asia.nikkei:

SHANGHAI — Chinese authorities cautioned on Sunday of water topping warning levels on the Yangtze River as a third wave of floodwater is expected at Three Gorges Dam over the next three days.

Water level at Three Gorges Dam in China rising 20 cm in 2 hours! Currently 162.45 m

2 hour update, 19cm rise kow to 162.45 meters, inflow tapering off a bit to 55k, discharge still 38.4k

Wuhan up to 28.48 meters, flow is 61.2k

Cuntan dowm to 180.28 and flow of 43.1k

At this rate water level will rise almost 1 m in 10 hours ,2 m in 20 hours .Max designated height for this dam is 175 m.It will take 130 hours to rise of 13 meters and overtopping the dam .130 hours is 5 days and 10 hours !

A good analysis of the current situation, even without a dam collapse.

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