China’s Ark of Doom Project

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“Some scholars have published an article claiming that top officials of the Chinese Communist Party are hiding a “sinking ship plan”, also known as the “Ark of Doom Project” , which was prepared in the early 1990s as an overseas escape route for the top CCP leaders after the collapse of the regime, and transferred up to $10 Trillion USD in assets overseas for this purpose.”

A Chinese commentator wrote:
“I have always believed that there is a shipwreck plan hidden by the rich and powerful. Forcibly demolishing and plundering internally, spreading money externally to please, tighten the belts of the people of the whole country, raising the nations financial resources, fully assisting foreign countries and making friends with friends. It turned out to be for the rich and powerful to prepare living conditions, establish diplomatic relations and build new foreign countries, then good immigration. It turned out to be using people’s money to pave way for themselves..”


Here’s another video with some good articles on it.




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