China’s Belt and Road Initiative is Globalism on Steroids

by Chris Black

Useful idiots and obvious shills are promoting China’s Belt and Road Initiative as though it’s a bulwark against globalism. Their argument is that it’s bad for America, therefore it’s bad for globalists and good for nationalists.

This gives rise to what should be an obvious question:

How does a giant transcontinental highway benefit people who value the continued existence of national and regional political borders?

Would we likewise view it as a blow to the heart of globalism if China built a new super highway from Squatemala to Alaska or a mass rail system from Somalia to South Africa?

How does making it easier to cross national borders do anything to slow, stop, or reverse the erosion of national borders?

Doesn’t make much sense when you stop and think about it.

United Nations website:

“efforts to jointly build the “Belt and Road” can significantly push forward the implementation of 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the SDGs not only for the countries along the “Belt and Road” but also for the world as whole.”

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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

“[The Belt and Road Initiative] is highly consistent with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. More than 10 UN agencies have signed cooperation agreements with the Chinese side. […]  The UN stands ready to work closely with the Chinese side in the process of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Yet some people still insist that China is somehow going to overthrow the New World Order — sorry, I mean the “American Atlanticist Neo-Liberal Global Hegemony” (the NWO is fine when China does it, obviously).


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