China’s Big Brother ‘Social Credit System’ Now Tracks People in North America Too with Video Surveillance

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China is covertly conducting surveillance and even tracking people’s movements in North America using what’s called “a social credit system,” trying to advance its totalitarian authority all over the world even in free nations.

The Gatestone Institute, a non-partisan, not-for-profit international policy council, and think tank, reports seven years ago, China’s State Council issued guidelines for the establishment of a national “social credit system” by 2020, with the feeds from about 626 million surveillance cameras and smartphone scanners and with data from a multitude of sources.

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The system was designed to keep tabs on every Chinese citizen’s behavior. For example, criticizing China’s communist ruler Xi Jinping would result in the lowering of one’s score, which could result in consequences for the individual

China’s Communist Party is creating the world’s first digital totalitarian state and so far, western democracies don’t seem to care, The Gatestone Institute noted.

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And this system has now been detected far from communist China’s shores, operating at a restaurant in Vancouver, Canada. The Haidilao Hot Pot has more than 60 cameras watching 30 tables with the video feeds going to China. The restaurant is part of a chain of 935 restaurants that are corporate-owned and began operations in China’s Sichuan province.



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