Chinese busted in Oklahoma, buying land and growing marijuana for black market

The OBN says it took 11 people into custody who they believe were from Taiwan and China and did not speak English.

State Senator Casey Murdoch authored a bill that would require medical marijuana businesses to disclose any foreign investments.

Murdoch lives in the panhandle and says foreign nationals have been buying up land, paying more than its worth in cash, and growing marijuana.

“Our concern is that there are marijuana licensees that are the fronts for these foreign-financed and operating activities,” Hunter said.

Last month, the attorney general’s office wrote a letter to sheriffs around the state alerting them to instances of landowners being offered large sums of cash for their land by people from foreign countries like China who ask to keep the land in their names.

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10 detained in Guthrie marijuana grow operation raid:

“We are probably seizing 10,000 – 15,000 plants that are in about 15 greenhouses here on the property, as well as 60-100 pounds of finished product that’s bagged up that’s ready for sell,” said Mark Woodward, Spokesperson for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. “This is being sold on the streets in simple terms, it’s ending up all on the black market directly from the farm. These are criminals and they’re operating a criminal organization.”

“It’s our understanding from talking to at least one of them that they’re from Twain and China and we have interpreters who are interviewing them,” said Woodward.

A second warrant is being served on a home north of the grow operation where the 10 people were living.



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