Chinese Calculus

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I thought I was clear, but apparently not enough so.

1) All data from China is based on information received from one of the most managed and controlled infolie-formation sources on the planet.
The exact number of how many cases of corona virus, when and where they happened, and how many fatalities they have noted, from China, may be expressed with maximal accuracy as “a lot”.

No further precision is possible.

Not by me. Not by you. Not by the CDC. Not by ABCNNBCBS, or the lesser minions of media fucktardation…”

Any “numbers” from Chinese sources regarding their “corona virus” outbreak there are a steaming pile of feces.

I even expressed the formula in Comments:

“…you don’t know when it started, where it started, how it started, and you don’t know what they’re doing, and you don’t know how serious it is, to include how many infected, how many dead, and how many recovering, nor the rate of spread, nor the treatment protocols being used.

Given: nothing.
Solve for all variables:
W1 * W2 * H * W3 * S * I * D * R * G * T = XYZ.

Show all work.”

But apparently, that still wasn’t explicit enough.

And it’s worse than that, because there’s a good possibility this isn’t corona virus, but some bio-engineered frankenvirus. Or not. And nobody, me, you, nor the elf on the shelf, knows for sure. Stay tuned.

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So grasp, understand, be in no doubt, take it to heart, and get a damned clue that
Henceforth, any post comments, links, or references to numbers from China, about China, and their outbreak problem, from China or Chinese sources, will be regarded as spam, and dealt with accordingly. Like you never wasted the electrons to post it.
Klar, comissars?

What’s up already is up, but it’s “weapons free” on this nonsense from here on out.

You got authoritative numbers from far less tainted sources?
Give it a try.
(And no, someone out here, quoting numbers from back there, doesn’t count, any more than the MSM quoting a Twitter post makes either one a legitimate source.)

Nothing is 100% accurate.
But the numbers, videos, and “info” from China, including anecdotal reports, are pure bullsh*t.
Chinese propaganda makes the Norks’ propaganda look like George Washington reporting on cutting down a cherry tree.
Post them on your blog, not mine. If they’re “all there is”, think about that for a couple of minutes, and why that should be, before you willingly put it out there.
The synonym of “propaganda” is not “information”.

You will not build Reality on a foundation of quicksand, over a sinkhole, on a faultline, in the shadow of an active volcano.

Stop Trying.


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