Chinese car hailing company demands compensation from Tesla via advertisements in Times Square

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What is going on with Tesla in China?

Global Times (aka the Chinese Communist Party) reports on “Chinese car hailing company demands compensation from Tesla in Times Square, NYC”

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According to information released by the company, Shenma Zhuanche is the biggest buyer of Tesla cars in the Asian Pacific region, having purchased 278 vehicles from 2016 to 2017. However, the company claims that out of the 278 vehicles produced by Tesla, over 20 percent experienced electromechanical malfunctions.

The company also complained about the inefficiency and unresponsiveness of Tesla’s customer service. It claimed that some of the vehicles took as long as a year and seven months to be repaired, causing the company direct economic losses of up to 6.5 million yuan ($970,000).

On the billboards that Shenma Zhuanche put up in Times Square, the company demanded Tesla repair defective vehicles, compensate the company for its loss and admit the quality issues in its products.

I realize that GT is basically a propaganda rag that the Chinese communist party uses to float out new ideas, so its a little concerning they’re attacking Tesla.



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