Chinese Claim Americans Are Eating Coronavirus Dead, Processing Into Human Hamburgers And Hot Dogs

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A page on WeChat, a Chinese social media site, claimed American officials have been “processing dead bodies” of Chinese coronavirus victims into burgers and feeding them to the masses, the South China Morning Post revealed on Tuesday, claiming Beijing had shut the page down.

Prior to its deletion, however, the page – the “Scholar Forum for Ultimate Truth” – had attracted 1.7 million page views, according to the Post.

China has built an extensive online censorship apparatus that has successfully shut down a wide variety of factual information detrimental to the regime or simply commentary by dissidents on the failures of the Communist Party. Yet when faced with outrageous false information that disparages America or other foreign nations, China’s censors suddenly struggle to keep up with the volume of material.

The Post noted that one of the most outrageous posts on the “Scholar Forum for Ultimate Truth” page, a pro-communist conspiracy WeChat account, accused Americans of eating those killed by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“The US has been processing dead bodies from Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus] diseases into hamburgers,” the page reportedly claimed, adding that the bodies “were very likely of being processed into frozen meat, fake beef or pork, or processed into cooked meat as hamburgers and hot dogs.”



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