Chinese newspaper labels Australia ‘a giant kangaroo that serves as a dog to the US’

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt has revealed Chinese propaganda outlet The Global Times has published an article labelling Australia as “a giant kangaroo that serves as a dog to the US”.

It comes as Mr Bolt said the communist regime has now “coincidentally” announced changes to how it will inspect our exports of iron ore.

He said this decision was made in the same week Beijing “killed off our barley exports” which was done “almost certainly to punish us for demanding an inquiry into how this virus started in China”.

The Lowy Institute’s Richard McGregor also discussed the issue with Mr Bolt saying the Chinese media outlet “like giving us a bit of a needle, they like to keep us off balance”.

“They like to keep us thinking there’s more sanctions coming”.


China should know ‘you can’t shout at Australians and make them obey’

China should re-consider how it conducts its diplomacy in the wake of the “despicable” rhetoric coming from some of Beijing’s diplomats, according to former foreign minister Alexander Downer.

Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye has not shied away from combative rhetoric in recent days, first warning that Chinese tourists may boycott visiting Australia and arguing it was laughable for the government to feel vindicated after a World Health Assembly (WHA) passed a resolution calling for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

In the aftermath of the WHA passing a resolution backing an investigation into the novel pathogen, China has levied an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley exports, with reports other sectors could be targeted.

Mr Downer told Sky News the government has done well to remain calm in the face of the rhetoric coming out of the Chinese embassy.

“If I were the Chinese ambassador in Canberra, before I went to bed at night, I’d think to myself, am I achieving my objectives in this country?” he said.

“Am I not only understanding Australia, which good diplomats should do, but the ultimate diplomat is somebody who can exercise some influence over the host country.

“Well, however are you going to exercise any influence by abusing Australia?”

He (Cheng Jingye) should try and understand how a liberal democracy work.”

China makes ill attempt to ‘control’ WHO’s COVID investigation

It is likely the Chinese government only agreed to support a motion backing an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 because it thinks it can control the World Health Organisation, according to Liberal senator Jim Molan.

‘We stand with Australia’: US Secretary of State

Sky News host James Morrow says United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s commitment to “stand with Australia” justifies Scott Morrison’s decision to lead the “global international charge” for a COVID-19 probe.

Mr Pompeo said “the Chinese Communist Party chose to threaten Australia with economic retribution for the simple act of asking for an independent inquiry into the origins of the virus”.

“That’s not right and we stand with Australia,” Mr Pompeo said.

Mr Morrow said this statement “underlines the fact that Scott Morrison did the absolute right thing”.

“The fact is China has offended the entire world with its behaviour over the coronavirus and they don’t have any friends left”.

China ‘goes after Australia’ with brand new iron ore ‘threat’

Sky News host Paul Murray says “there is a brand new threat” issued by the Chinese Communist Party who have said they “are ready to hurt the Australian economy”.

China’s The Global Times reported “it seems the Australian government has no intention of sowing new troubles in its trade with China, but the possibility of deteriorating tensions escalating into a trade war should not be ignored”.

Mr Murray said it is clear China is once again “threatening us” and they “are confirming by their actions that they are going after us”.

“First it was barley, then a bit on beef and now the big game, iron ore”.

The Age reported “China’s customs authorities have released new rules coming into force on June 1 that officials would conduct quality inspections for iron ore shipments at the request of the buyer”.

“The buyer of course is the Chinese Communist Party,” Mr Murray said.

China lashes out against international pressure to probe its response to COVID-19



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