Chinese Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around MARS

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Info on the mission:

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“According to a paper published by the Tianwen-1 team in Nature Astronomy, the orbiter has a long list of scientific goals. It will circle the planet in a polar orbit to map Mars’ morphology and geology while using a Mars-Orbiting Subsurface Exploration Radar instrument to measure soil characteristics and water-ice distribution. It will also collect data on the ionosphere and the electromagnetic and gravitational fields around the planet. Finally, it will serve as a communication relay for the rover to send and receive information from Earth.”

“About three months after arrival, in May 2021, the lander will detach from the orbiter, with the rover tucked inside, and will descend to Utopia Planitia, which researchers say is a relatively safe but scientifically important landing site. After the touchdown, the lander will unfurl a ramp for the rover to roll out and begin its adventures on the Red Planet.”

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