Chinese supply chain woes…..intentional or unintended?

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Numerous supply chain issues continue to plague the United States and are also a drag on Chinese economy…..

BUT are they intentional or not????

What say you?


Port of Shanghai gridlock…

I think the 45th presidents platform included just about everything the current administration nixed and must now claim as their own ideas…sheeple are so gullible…


See also  Fertilizer prices at all-time highs = cost of food production up = supply of food down = price of food up.

Everything Chinese authorities assert must be true…/sarc


Empty containers returning to China BECAUSE WE DON’T PRODUCE SHIT!

Trying to shift to east coast ports…..I’m sure union labor has nothing to do with delays…

Yes…is there more they’re not saying?


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h/t Doom Master

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