The official inflation numbers are manipulated. We are much poorer than were were just 50 years ago.

by RevolutionaryLuck263

Adjusted for inflation we are supposed to have earned exactly the same in 2019 as in 1973:

Yet some 50 years ago – one income was often enough to support a house and family – while nowadays one income is often barely enough to support one self.

Additionally Inflation/CPI does not take into account Shrinkflation – most food products have decreased in size. So even if the prices have remained the same – since there is less food sold in the package- one has to buy more to get the same amounts as before.

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Then there is a massive decoupling of family incomes to house prices. For example the average family income in 1980 were 21,020 Dollars/year while the average house sold for 63 700 Dollars = 3x the annual family income

Nowadays the numbers are 74 000 to 410 000 = 5.5x the annual family income.

And while houses are a little bigger than the ones build in the 80s – lost sizes are tiny in comparison.

So we are actually able to afford far less than we used to because inflation is calculated wrongly.

Also if the 15 TV sets I buy over my lifetime cost 1000 Dollars less than 50 years ago – I save 15 000 Dollars over a lifetime – great. But if the house costs an extra 200 000+ Dollars compared to 50 years ago – the 15 000 Dollars saved for cheap electronics mean nothing.


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