Chip shortage leaving auto makers dropping features.

You might have to do without items from heated seats to infotainment screens on your new-vehicle purchase, but this won’t last.

Effects of the ongoing semiconductor-chip shortage on the new-car market can be seen in headlines across the world, but the problem encompasses more than just a reduction in the amount of new vehicles. When the chip supply tightened, some companies paused entire production lines for some vehicles, and decided to keep building others while removing some of the less-vital high-tech features that require chips. It kept production lines moving and people working. Not every automaker wanted to replicate the scenes of all of those new Ford and GM trucks that were built earlier this year and then had to be parked as they waited to be run through the factories a second time to get the various chip components installed. So, we decided to collect a list of models and technologies that will not (or did not) match the original spec sheet because certain components have been removed to reduce the number of chips needed per vehicle. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does show the breadth and depth of how the chip shortage is affecting the auto industry, even as new cars are built and sold.

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People buying teslas we not even told they didnt have usb ports..

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