Chris Cuomo demands $125M from CNN for ‘unlawful’ firing

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Chris Cuomo wants CNN and the network’s parent company, Turner Services Inc., to pay $125 million stemming from his “unlawful termination” in Dec. 2021. The former Cuomo Prime Time anchor was suspended indefinitely, then fired, for aiding his brother, Andrew Cuomo, amid the former New York governor’s sexual harassment scandal.

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In a demand for arbitration filing, lawyers for the journalist say Cuomo was wrongfully let go amid “false claims” that he “violated CNN’s standards and practices” by helping his brother “during a time of personal and political crisis.” They also accuse the network of conducting a “smear campaign.” Chris is seeking $15 million for salary he says is owed for the remainder of his contract and no less than $110 million in “consequential damages.”


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