Chris Marcus: Silver Manipulation Has Now Gone Viral

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Investing News Network, Released on 2/4/21 (Recorded on 2/3/21)

Silver remains in the limelight after reports last week that members of Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum wanted to squeeze the market like they have for GameStop. The WallStreetBets crowd has since distanced itself from the silver story, calling it a distraction from GameStop. But while the white metal’s price has declined, interest remains high. Here Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics explains the latest demand and price developments.

0:00​ – Intro
0:32​ – “It feels to me like something has broken”
4:33​ – “Silver manipulation has now gone viral”
8:26​ – Day one of the #SilverSqueeze​
13:25​ – Days two and three of the #SilverSqueeze​
19:18​ – Why is the silver price not higher?
24:43​ – Outro

Chris Marcus worked 2 years at bond rating agency Moody’s, has an MBA from Wharton, and also worked 7 years as an equity options trader for Susquehanna International Group on the American and New York Stock Exchanges, before leaving in 2012 to create Arcadia Economics. In addition to publishing Arcadia’s Monthly Market Snapshot, he also currently writes market commentary for gold and silver dealer Miles Franklin,, and several others.


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