Christine Blasey Ford Wants The FBI To Investigate Her Claims Against Kavanaugh Before She Testifies.

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by Ruby Henley

Christine Blasey Ford has made a demand through her lawyers this evening.   She refuses to testify before Congress until the FBI investigates her claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Frankly, this appears to be in Judge Kavanaugh’s favor, as he has previously been investigated six times by the FBI throughout his career.

This is Ford’s way of achieving her goal while protecting herself from being judged under examination.  Blasey Ford has said there are certain pertinent facts she simply cannot recall. The truth is if she cannot remember the facts needed under examination, she should not be coming forward at this time.

The American people are following the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh regardless of Christine Blasey Ford.  If she had chosen to take part in a fair judicial process on Monday, her credibility could be taken more seriously.

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I understand that, in all fairness, medical issues may interfere in this type of process for victims of sexual assault.  However, in saying this, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is eager to testify to clear himself of Ford’s accusation. His entire life is at stake.

The Judicial process all Americans depend upon is also at stake.  We are losing our grip as a Country as due process ceases to be. We are looking at a lynch mob waiting at the gate, and they are called  Democrats.

They have taken our right to vote, attorney/client privilege, and now they are robbing us of due process.

Are we moving toward a Communist takeover?

What will happen to this Country if we lose President Trump?

If Christine Blasey Ford can bring a halt to the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, even without testimony, we no longer are a Democratic society and a Country of laws.

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Senator Lindsey Graham said if she does not come on Monday, they will move on and vote on Wednesday.  Hopefully, this is what will occur.


With just days before Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is set to be confirmed by the Senate, Democrats are pulling no punches to block his appointment. Their tactic of using an unverified, last-minute accusation from decades ago may have a few holes in it.

Christine Blasey Ford marched against President Trump.

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney defended Bill Clinton against Paula Jones, saying Jones did not have a case.  She is a deep blue Democrat with the same agenda all Democrats have – destroy all Conservatives.


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