Chuck Norris sues 11 drug companies for poisoning his wife

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Chuck Norris announced on Thursday that he is suing several medical companies that produced the MRI scanning machine used on his wife, Gena Norris. The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages, a sum which Norris says will cover the medical costs he and his wife now face.

The defendants in the lawsuit include McKesson Corp., the diagnostics and imaging unit of Italian health care company Bracco S.p.A., and Acist Medical Systems Inc. Norris alleges that his wife has been suffering from gadolinium poisoning since the chemical was injected into her body to aid MRI scans. The American College of Radiology stated in 2016 gadolinium-based contrast agents have been used in the treatment of 300 million patients since the 1980s, and the Food and Drug Administration stated in May that it found no evidence that gadolinium is harmful.

Norris’s legal representation, Cutter Law P.C. of Oakland, California, argues that gadolinium “settles in tissue, bone and organs,” slowly poisoning patients. Cutter Law representatives state that the side effects of the chemical’s use have come to light only in the last year. Roughly 500 lawsuits have been lodged against medical companies in the San Francisco area alone regarding gadolinium poisoning, though the Norris family has begun the most high-profile case so far.


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