CIA Coup Confirmed Against President Trump

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COUP: Brennan Calls on Republicans in Congress to ‘Abandon Trump’ and Oust Him From Office

Former CIA Chief John Brennan is ramping up his attacks against President Trump after his first coup attempt using the Russian collusion canard failed.

Brennan this week said Trump deserves to be ousted from office and called on Republicans in Congress to abandon the President.

BRENNAN: Press conference with Finnish President shows President Trump is a national disgrace who deserves impeachment, conviction, & ouster from office
. Republicans in Congress must abandon him now if they care about our country & have any hope of salvaging a political future for GOP.
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So i will start with the reason we are a disgrace is because seditious traitors like you MR. Brennan, Comey, Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kerr, Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Cummings, aww ffs lets just say democrats in general have violated and raped this great nation to line your own pockets.

The reason “you” ‘now” are the laughing stock is every one can see your greed.
 The reason “you” are “now” the laughing stock is because you sold out the nation from under WE THE PEOPLE. You think the other nations of the world dont look at us and say ” The sold out their own President! What would they do to us??!!” The problems all arise after BARRY KENYA!!!!

After 09-11 we had that America is the greatest attitude. Kenya comes along and says ” I want to fundamentally change America. Fundamentally : with regard to what is basic, essential, or fundamental. Well you have embedded your spies deep, you have sold out america for money and power. The good news is there are plenty of people like me that have the common sense to see the charade, the facade you put up. I can tell you a patriot is hard to disparage. We the people, we the patriots arent going for socialism, the selling out of our great nation. You are on the ropes and soon to be at the “ropes end” We the people see your dishonesty, your lies, your one sided political and legal wrangling and you should be afraid of WE THE PEOPLE who pay you! WE THE PEOPLE who can fire you!! WE THE PEOPLE who wont stand for two tiered justice and WE THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE AMERICA !! WE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL TAKE IT BACK!



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