My Wife’s Startling Observation About The Current Political Scene

by AC

My wife is fairly apolitical. She doesn’t like talking politics and though she leans conservative (we’re happily married with 3 children, white, no tats, law abiding, self sufficient types, moderate about most social issues, etc.) she doesn’t care about typical “issues” one way or the other. Just wants to go about her business, raise polite children, enjoy date night on Saturday, work hard, and enjoy our life.

She runs a small housekeeping business in a well to do area with a few loyal employees who mostly service the very well to do in their vacation mansions. She was raised by a fairly wealthy family so she knows how to speak their language and how to provide the kind of service most people in that field are unable to do so she’s been quite successful with it. People come to trust her, she has keys to their homes, cars, boats, I act as handyman and emergency contact, snowplow in winter for them, deliver firewood, clean grills, accompany service professionals when they need to do repairs, sign for deliveries, stock their refrigerators and pantries before they come up for the weekend, etc. Neither of us are interested in doing anything other than providing solid, dependable and trustworthy service and to be paid fairly for it. We keep our eyes on the job, and our mouths shut and always respond promptly and courteously. We do no advertising because all of our business is referrals from the current client list and we rarely take on new ones because of the workload. It allows us to run our farm and raise our kids with full attention and it’s actually a lot of fun with very little stress and we get to live in one of the most beautiful and pristine regions in America.

Needless to say the majority of the clients are very wealthy Blue State type liberals with progressive attitudes to go along with their brand new Teslas and classic wooden speedboats. Recently her clients have been openly complaining about the Democratic politicians saying that they have lost their minds. All of these people are your standard blue-blood old money types- meaning White- and she says they have become increasingly more vocal about the anti-White rhetoric they hear from their party, the tax the rich platforms and more than that, the empty promises about getting Trump. None of them are even remotely Trump people, but she says they are beginning to tune out the 24/7 TDS they hear constantly and are- in my wife’s words- “sick and tired of it”.

Her younger employees- millennials- have done a 180 and have gone from anti-Trump progs to pro Trump and have all said they aren’t voting for “those crazy democrats”.

Not sure if this is something that is going on in the rest of the country, but for our neck of the woods and from the kinds of people who 2 years ago wouldn’t even think about these kinds of sentiments to be openly speaking about it is a sea change.

Just thought I’d share.



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