City bankruptcies, City Strikes and Civil Unrest in 2020

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You need to understand how these riots are going unfold.

First things first, you need to understand how this kind of unrest unfolds so that you can see the warning signs earlier. Never underestimate the power, rage, and motivation of a mob.

Here’s the pattern:

An outrage occurs.

Good people react and protest the outrage.

Those perpetrating the outrage try to quell the protest because they don’t think that the outrage was actually outrageous. (And whether it was or not can fluctuate – in some cases, force is necessitated, but in more and more cases, it is flagrantly gratuitous.)

Others react to the quelling and join the protest.

A mob mentality erupts. Thugs say, “Hey, it’s a free for all. I’m gonna get some Doritos and while I’m at it, beat the crap out of some folks for fun.”

All hell breaks loose.

The military gets called in.

The city burns, and neighborhoods get destroyed, and no one in the area is safe.

Cops act preemptively, out of fear, and for a time, there is no rule of law.

If you happen to be stuck there, know this: you’re completely on your own.

Now factor in the current circumstances we are now and now imagine 2020 and what’s going to happen.

Bankrupt Cities, Municipalities List and Map



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